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Energy medallion harmonizer

To whom is the medallion-harmonizer with 2% concentration of biologically active substances (BZ)

Can anyone (children, adults, elderly). Medallion with 2% concentration BJ works with the human body more smoothly, as a result of changes will occur in longer time, there will be improvement in General physical and emotional state. The feeling will be less pronounced in contrast to medallions with greater concentration, but with the help of equipment GDV camera you can see how your aura is filled with energy, becomes more harmonious and more stable to external influences.

Medallion "Standard"

40 $ 

Medallion "Effect"

80 - 120 $ 

Medallion "Avatar"

160 - 220 $ 

Biologically active fluid (BJ)

40 $

Clay Mat

Size: 24х38 cm

220 $ 

Set master

Size: 90х250 cm

520 $ 

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 Research reports


Since 1981, Andrey Gaiduk accumulated knowledge in electromagnetic field theory and he made scientific discovery in 1995. For further research laboratory of "New technologies" was established at JSC "AVTOVAZ" in metallurgical production.  

Within 15 years, scientists conducted a study of electronic devices and the impact of electromagnetic fields in liquid on human. It has been noticed that while creating correct form of crystals and standing wave in liquid turns out to create new kinds of materials, which harmoniously effect on improvement of general health state.  

The first products were made in form of clay-filled mats, which people can use only in outpatient and inpatient medical institutions, carrying them was not convenient. Research conducted in St. Petersburg confirmed the idea that during heat treatment biological activity of clay compositions increases. During working process, it was noticed improvement of the psychological climate in a team and improvement of physical health. It was the cause of further research in this direction. Now products are made in the form of medallions-harmonizers sintered at high temperature. 

List of research: 

Since 1998, number of studies was conducted with participation of more than 1000 people: 

1. Sanatorium kindergarten for often sickly children № 127, Togliatti, from 02.11.1998 to 16.12.1998.  

2. Treatment and prevention of diseases of metallurgical production workers and employees, Togliatti, from 01.05.1998 to 18.12.1998.  

3. Research Institute of anatomic reactors. Report on evaluation of effectiveness of biologically-active liquid use for deactivation of surfaces contaminated with radionuclides, Dimitrovgrad, 08.06.1998.   

4. Sanatorium-preventorium «Prilesje» of AVTOVAZ, Togliatti, from 15.06.99 to 15.12.99  

5. Report of Scientific research Institute of Virology after Dmitry Ivanovsky, Moscow, 31.10.2002. Report on study of influence of mixture of biologically active liquids on total microbe number, from 10.06.2003 to 16.07.2003. 

6. Report of Scientific research Institute of Virology after Dmitry Ivanovsky, Moscow, 27.07.2005. Report on study of antiviral activity of biologically-active liquid drugs in experimental infection caused by hepatitis C virus into rabbits.   

Kindergarten, sanatorium, and preventorium.

Moscow Institute of Virology

Institute of atomic reactors

Feedback from our customers

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Olga Bridenko

Used the medallion within 3 months not only I, but also the child.

The medallion WORKS! Fact!

1. Help with the first signs of a cold. Within a couple days it goes away.

2. Easily get back from work.

3. The rise of vitality. Turned on "turbo mode", when it's shoulder.

I think this is not all the advantages of the medallion that I have noticed)

Natalya Vasilyeva

It's been nearly a month since I started to walk with him. There was a lack of energy and apathy, and honestly didn't know how to deal with it. But things were getting better albeit gradually, not in one day, power began to accumulate (accumulate). Feeling better, began to appear positive thoughts, strength came!

Elena Savenkova

Want to leave feedback about an unusual subject. I am always open to new information (a friend is useful?).

And here I came in sight of an unusual subject. The cost, quite small, need to try.

My result - passed chronic cough, who had been with me for 3 years and left me only at sea). Probably, each the result. I also helps not to get sick at the current Temperature. If something else would notice necessarily write! And - thank you!!!

Svetlana Sukcina

"Dear friends! I want to share my impressions about the project in General and about the products!

The first time I met with the harmonizers in 2016. When I had the opportunity to hold a liquid (thought, "why would I want water, what is it?"), and after the medallions, I thought that something wrong is happening, that out of the water, and the topic appeared a bright sensation in the body... (will explain what I Ginestet and do a lot of feel, but it is possible to feel that in places of power).

Valera Allhow

Use the harmonizer for about a month. I think this is not the time to make any serious conclusions, especially as all the impressions are subjective and individual. But with all this, I can say one thing – this thing works.

Alexandera Rekunova

I want to share my impressions.

Wear a harmonizer over a month. When I first wore it, I slept for 2 days straight like a log)) warned Me that this is possible. Then began an interesting change. The first thing I noticed was that the inner circle became warmer to me. At me ceased to "attack" with claims generally went the conflict, it was just one week!

Survey on GDV-camera to explore how the medallionin the human biofield

GDV camera is a hardware and software complex, intended for registration of images of the glow discharge generated around the research objects of different nature when they are placed in electromagnetic field of high tension.

GDV complex clinically tested, certified by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

GDV method: a new look at various diseases. Increasingly, people have a need for alternative methods of studying the body, or the dynamics of its recovery.

Research on GDV-camera, the primary task is to determine what happens to the biofield of the person wearing the harmonizer.

The stages of the study

Step 1 - scan the original state of the biofield (photo # 1). Here you can see that the field is not uniform and has discontinuities. Uneven blue glow shows that the field is unstable and there are problems that are worth paying attention to.

Step 2 - scan the status of the biofield , after contact with the harmonizer. The subject was holding the locket-harmonizer for 15 minutes (photo # 2). Here we see that the field increases and then flattens out (leave gaps), the luminescence intensity increases (becomes more blue). This is an indicator of the restoration of physical and energy state up to Your normal limits.

Step 3 - change comparison.

Conclusion: the Product has a contactless ripple effect. Effect on biological and chemical objects. As the energy in the body becomes more, then the physical body will adapt to it.

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Energy medallion harmonizer

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